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picture of Rudy

special spam note, 31-May-2003: Someone is faking this domain as a return address in spam mail. It most assuredly is NOT us. If you happen to find out who it is feel encouraged to treat them with cruel and unusual punishments.

Yes, this site is now back. More to follow in a few.

There was a memorial service on Nov 18, 2001, coordinated by the Regional EMS Council and some friends, for the EMTs and Paramedics who died at WTC. To see a list of the audio and video clips, click: here

This page is _not_ a litany of FDNY abuses. I simply grabbed this sitename to keep it safe, sane, and secure. ( if you want to contact us, click over *** here *** )

There's a good chance you're looking for the fella who's using a similar id to this domain to post stuff across the internet. That's _not_ us.

The problem is that the other individual, being an employee of FDNY's EMS division, is so underpaid that the expense of registering this domain ("fdnysucks.com") was too much to bear.

If you want to see _that_ website, which does NOT have anything to do with us and I'm only setting up this link so you don't have to bother me (is that clear enough?), click over: here

Oh, WNYW-tv (channel 5) ran a piece on that other guy a very long year ago. (Fri 02-feb-2001). If you'd like to see it (four minutes long):

for default QuickTime clip (9 megs) click here

(If you need a copy of Apple Quicktime Player (free), click here)

Some other EMS and related videos are in a fascinating archive also over at "ecnalubma.com".

To get a list of their latest material, click here)

and best of all, if you want to see pictures of the new FDNY ambulances, click *** here **

picture of specialty truck

What specialty unit rolls out on those long, cold, and lonely nights when the snoozing firefighters are so soundly somnolent they might as well be hibernating? (just kidding. this truck is actually a pretty important support unit)